Are you into quickies?

Sometimes is just nice with a quickie when you are in the mood. The question is, what knickers should you wear. Should you always be ready for a quickie or should you only have certain days where you let those quickies into your life? The Better Sex Guide invited Sara who used to work for a London escorts agency into our offices. Sara know runs her owns lingerie on line business and designs a lot of here lingerie herself. We thought that she would be one of the best former London escorts to ask about the ultimate underwear for a quickie.

Sara loves to design lingerie and started to do it when you worked for a London escorts service. The lingerie side of Sara’s life soon took over, she became a designer and retired from the London escorts agency that she used to work for. She now runs her own on line business and continues to design her own lingerie. Her lingerie is sold by shops around the world and bought by many ladies who still work as London escorts. Sara would probably have the best idea on what knickers to wear for quickie when you feel in the need.

Let’s go crutchless said Sara and pulled out some new design out of her samples bag. This design here, said Sara, whilst holding up a pair of pretty black knickers with butterflies front and back, are very popular with London escorts at the moment. As a matter of fact, the design is now so popular that I sell it all over the world and not only to London escorts. It is exciting and you never know where those naughty little butterflies will fly off to, laughed Sara. Black of course is always a popular color as well, added Sara.

How about this pair, said Sarah, showing off a couple of lacy knickers with three small buttons on the front. A couple of London escorts agencies bought these as presents for their girls a few weeks ago. They are ideal as they can be quickly unbuttoned and you are ready to, said Sara. Once you have enjoyed yourself, you can button yourself up again. Another design which is popular with ladies all around the world and London escorts stressed Sara. Our talented Sara does have an amazing range of lingerie designs that she is keen to share with the world.

According to Sara, buying lingerie on line is now more popular than ever. Some of the designs favored by London escorts can be a bit risky but often the average lady likes to invest in something special as well for certain locations. All of the designs by Sara are made for love and to be enjoyed by both men and women. The emphasis of exotic lingerie should always be on increasing the pleasure of the encounter, claims Sara. Stockings have gone out of fashion a little bit but are now coming back thanks to the more sophisticated look which will be popular this autumn.

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