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Online Store is the perfect solution for those who cannot go shopping and prefer more exclusive things, rather than mass market is offering. In addition, buying the network is comfortable- it saves time and effort, and you can ask for an opinion any person, by just sending the link. Thus, this is the choice of girls from Canary Wharf Escorts of


But for online shopping to be very successful and safe, it is necessary to know a few rules. Lidia from Canary Wharf Escorts will share her experience, and recommend a few things.


Before making a purchase in the online store, find the same goods in other stores – yes, it will take time, but you will save money. This is especially true of expensive equipment, jewelry and other things that need much spending. It is worth to see something that you will have to pay a big sum for, so later you won’t be disappointed.


When you decide what you need, you should start searching an online store. Shopping on the net saves time, it’s true, but you need to be very careful when buying – this is the opinion of one of the girls from Canary Wharf Escorts. If you are already making a purchase in an online store, you must study it fully, look at the delivery conditions (especially in the case of free delivery – you really will save money). Also pay attention to whether there is a comparison option (when delivering, they bring more goods and you can choose the best) – not all stores have this operation, but it is very useful.



Online shopping has one big disadvantage – you can run into stores, which were created by fraudsters for a couple of days, just to make money. Unfortunately, Angela from Canary Wharf Escorts had an experience like that. They don’t really have goods and never will, but they have developed a scheme through salary payment in advance. In this case, you need to be very careful, and if you want to make a purchase in an unknown shop – try to find information about it on various forums and social networks. If it is doubtful, it is better not to make purchases, or not to enter credit card details on such sites.


To protect yourself, always keep data on orders in the e-mail confirmation, and do screenshots, – recommends Angela, one of the Canary Wharf Escorts ladies. Do not choose stores that offer tremendous discounts online – it looks doubtful, and you can get damaged goods. It is better to give preference to proven retail outlets with good reviews.


To check an online store, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Brand name
  • Reviews and friends of people on the forums
  • Have real address
  • Availability of information on the legal entity-founder store
  • The presence of a registration number and certificate
  • The ability to return goods


Many people think that Internet purchases don’t have any warranties, and, moreover, they can’t be returned. This is not true, says the manager of the Canary Wharf Escorts, because an online sale is governed by the same laws as the ordinary. So you can always return the item within 14 days after purchase (but still should clarify this point, depending on what you bought) and use the free service during the warranty period.


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