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Executive Assistant Turned Friend Turned Lover

Yvonne was my executive assistant. The first time I met Yvonne was when I went in for a job interview with a healthcare management company. Yvonne was working the front reception desk, something every executive assistant hated but had to do on a rotating and routine basis whenever the main receptionist was out or needed a break. Our first introduction was ten years ago.  Yvonne was

Tollie's Garden Pt.2

 I slept in that next morning and didn’t wake up until eleven. It was Saturday and I loved not having to get up and rush out to school. The fact is, I loved to sleep-still do, but not like I did when I was a teen. Anyway, when I got up, I looked out the window but didn’t see Tollie. I took a long shower, played with myself, had a huge orgasm then got dressed, throwing on an old pair of


I'll believe every story that your touch implies, your skin is like something I read long ago, the specifics long since forgotten but the message is a familiar vapor carried wherever I will go. Make me remember you again. Make my blood surge until I'm all sensation and instinct submitting to where you lead, my back against a damp tree. The sky's thunder identical to the pulse that

My feminine Urge Satisfied

I had a three day weekend for me to dress en-femme, and so I took advantage of it. I was not looking to do anything other than dressing, behaving, and acting as a woman. I was content to just relax and be feminine at home without any expectations. I don’t know why I felt as such, except that I needed just to enjoy being feminine and doing so alone. With that in mind, when I got home

Deliver the Goods

No Don't you dare. Hold it- Fight it- That urge, So strong I know. But I'm not ready- Yet No sir. What's that? It hurts? Poor baby. Uh uh! STOP! What did I say? Yes, That's right. No! Live it! Learn it! I'm the one That says when! Don't! Oh no you don't! Not yet. Only when I say so, You got that? I said, YOU GOT THAT? Not one drop! Not even a dollop! Resist the urge! Let them fill up

L's Story

She looked at the clock, though it was hardly necessary, she knew it had been precisely twenty-five minutes since he had let her know that he was on his way home. Being punctual was something that had always been a point of pride with her. As usual, she had spent the day keeping the house arranged, something she took a great deal of pleasure doing. Today, like every day, the floors

Dreams Take Me Away

The wind whistles Against the window  Of my soul  Closing my eyes  Dreams take me away  Where beaches rest A light breeze stirring  Its warmth so gentle  The moonlight winks  On the crest of a wave  Waves kissing the shore  With soft slow kisses The pulse of my dream  Like wings  Beneath my heart  Carrying me away  Through time and eternity  Clouds dancing  Swirling around  The midnight

My Initiation-Part 4

I had an excellent view at the window of the dorm mother. I started out watching the rooms of the girls I had to collect the panties off so I could learn when was the best time to try to steal them. When I saw the light go on in the dorm mother's room, I had to watch her. I also had to collect a pair from her, too. I never expected to watch the show that was going on in front of me.

Matilda's lovers

Winter’s silence has wrapped the house in cold white cotton wool. Fluffy silent snowflakes have tonight isolated even more the brick stable in the middle of its forest of ancient oaks. Cold breaths of the two old horses next door can be heard as the animals settle for the freezing night. The old man opens the old iron wood burner and slips in another piece of fragrant dry pine that he

The Adventures of Molly – Secret Rendezvous

It was about three weeks after Bobby and I had out first sexual encounter at the old mill pond. Since then we had been together a few times but never alone. We were both feeling a bit horny. At least I knew I was. It seemed no matter where we went we always had some of our friends with us. I had to find a way to get Bobby alone. I kept wondering if old Mr Williams had told my dad what