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A White Couple Learns to Worship Black Cock and Pussy

Growing up as a black boy in rural Birmingham, Alabama in the 1980s was a lot easier than my parents had things growing up in the segregated South. Yet, even with race relations being greatly improved, I still had a strong sense that there were certain taboos that it was dangerous to breach. As I grew into my teen years, I still considered it forbidden to try to date white girls, even though

The Idea of You

I didn't come looking for this, I'm a grown woman, not a teenage fantasist. I almost gave up, I've been living so real I forgot how to dream, Then suddenly: treasure. I tread carefully to get all the good out of it, like I always do. It's so easy to suspend disbelief. I look for evidence that you're perfect and find it, And ignore anything that disappoints. I build a picture of you that's

Taking Sara

Sara’s feet shuffled down the street, belying her mood. It had been a rough day, with her boss breathing down her neck again at the local newspaper. Deadlines, they even ran through her dreams, and his voice, right in her ear, his breath smelling of Doritos, always. She hated Doritos, thanks to him. Her head hung low, her eyes scanning the tiny cracks in the pavement as she worked her

A Trophy Wife, A Lawyer and True Love

Sheila was pissed, scared and nervous as she rode up the hotel elevator with her husband and three proctologists, two slightly overweight fifty year olds and one younger doctor. Her husband had gone too far this time and she was steaming inside with rage. What kind of asshole would pimp his wife to pay for a two thousand dollar car repair, she thought. Her husband, Phil was a jerk.

Our Secret Needs

Tease me.  Breathe on me. Give me sighs of passion. Lick me. Lick me as I harden for you. Smell the odor of lust on my prick. My moisture matches the juices at your fingertips. Caress yourself. And stroke me softly but firmly. Feel what you have done to me, my addiction. Addicted to the passion you bring. To our secret rendezvous. No one may know how you live for the joy I bring.

Karen’s Awakening 2 – Into the Country

I didn’t want to pressure Karen into doing anything she didn’t want to. I let her make her choices and go at her own pace. A week after she had taken the first step by shaving her pubic area we went away for the weekend, a remote cottage in the country, about a two hours drive from our hometown.  Karen clearly was relishing the opportunity to finally show her hidden wild side as on the

Miles Apart

As I look into the sky I see your face in the clouds Wondering if I am really seeing you I look away And I see you right in front of me It must be a dream  It must be love Never have I felt this way Everywhere I look, I see you When I close my eyes at night You seem to slip into my dreams And oh how I love when you do You have touched my heart and soul An ocean