Do You Believe in Second Changes?

I am a big believer in second changes. When I first joined Wimbledon escorts, it was a lot like getting a second chance to make it big within adult entertainment in London. Like most of the other girls who work for escort services in London, I had tried various other jobs before I actually ended up working for Wimbledon escort services. Adult entertainment is not as easy field to work in at all, and I am sure that a lot of girls would agree with that one.

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The first thing I did in London when I got involved with adult entertainment was to do a bit of stripping. I was totally sold on the idea from a guy who ran a club in Soho. As a matter of fact, I thought that I was going to make a small fortune as a dancer, but it never really happened at all. At the time, I had no even thought about exploring other avenues such as working for Wimbledon escorts even though I did live in Wimbledon at the time.

After that I got a job as an erotic and bikini model. I was still doing a little bit of dancing to make ends meet, but I was really sure that I could make it big as a model. The guy who I was working for told me that I had the perfect figure for the job. It was okay, but I soon found out that he made a lot more money from my photos than I did. That was the end of that one, but I did keep some of photos for Wimbledon escorts which was great when I put my port folio together.

When I finally ditched my modeling job, I did so in favor of working for a club in London. At first it was only going to be for a couple of weeks until I went back to dancing full time, but I got a kick out of it. I learned a lot during my six months at the club, and that is what prompted me to check out escorting in London. As I lived in Wimbledon still, I thought that it would be the perfect place to work as an escort, so I contacted Wimbledon escorts services.

It did not take me very long to get an interview and before I knew it, my photos were on the Wimbledon escorts website. I had a nice portfolio since my modeling days and gents started to contact me. Now I have been with the agency for about a year and I am doing really well. It is not my second change to make it big in London. In fact, I am more aware than anything that it is my fourth change of making it big with the field of adult entertainment. The difference is that this time I have confidence that I may be able to do so, and finally make some money out of this sexy body of mine.

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