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I was into collecting erotic art way before I joined Hertfordshire escorts. To be honest I am not so sure when I become interested in collecting erotic art, but I remember the first time I saw a porn magazine. I thought the photos in the magazines were stunning and I wanted to own something like that but in art format. Of course, erotic art is not cheap and I had to work hard as an adult model to be able to buy erotic art. All of the art that I buys is really classy and if I don’t fall in love with a painting instantly, I do not buy it.


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When I joined Hertfordshire escorts, I transferred some of my art to my boudoir. Some of the gents that I date comment on the art, others seem to be too shocked to say anything. Yes, they do look at it but they are not so sure that they like. I think that a lot of people find erotic art hard to take and do not want to study. Of course, many people also find erotic art very exciting and I have to say that a lot of my American dates really seem to like my erotic art.


My boss at Hertfordshire escorts find it hard to believe how much money that I have spent on my art. The thing is that you can buy erotic art from all over the world. Art from Japan and India is really valuable and some of it can be very old as well. I love both art from Japan and India and both are favorite travel locations for me. Traveling abroad to buy erotic art is a very special experience for me, and I try to do it a couple of times per year.


There are some English artists who also produce a lot of erotic art. English erotic art has more to do with sculpture and form than paintings. There are some artists in the UK who do produce erotic art in painting format but it is not as good as many of the foreign artists that I have seen. There is something special about erotic art from Japan and India – it is really in a class of its own.

My house here in Hertfordshire is full of erotic art and I have to say that it makes my friends feel a bit weird at time.


Not all of the girls at Hertfordshire escorts appreciate my sense of art. Most of them can see the beauty in a photo but I can see lot of beauty in a painting. I suppose for some people art can be hard to understand. I actually joined Hertfordshire escorts so that I could buy more erotic art. The money is great and what I want to invest in has become more affordable. One day I would like to have my own erotic gallery. I do appreciate that I cannot keep all of these pieces and that I need to sell some of them off to put them into an investment. Until that day comes, I am going to continue to enjoy my erotic art.

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