For the Love of Quickies

When I first joined my company, I was kind of new to working in such a sexually charged environment. If it was not for the fact that my sister had worked for London escorts for a few year, I don’t think that I would have taken the job for the porn production company. My sister now works for an elite London escorts agency and she has a friend who recommended me for the job. At first, I thought it was a bit nuts, but the money was good and it was something different. It sounded kind of exciting to work for a porn production company.

Yes, we do have a lot of porn movies around, and at first I was kind of embarrassed about watching them. You are not going to believe this, but I was worried about getting turned on. After a while, I took a couple of them home, and watched them with my sister and her friends from London escorts. The girls from London escorts did not seem to be affected at all, but I got really turned on and I am sure the girls could tell. It was a bit of a strange feeling to be so honest about your sexuality.

The following day when I went back into the office, one of the guys asked me if I had enjoyed them. Looking at him, I realized that he was one of the guys in the movies. Jokingly, I told him that I would love to be taken like that. He laughed at me, but I had honestly meant every words that I had said. Anytime, you are in the mood let me know he said. Later on that day, I told my sister about when she was on break from London escorts. She laughed and told me to take him up on his offer. I wish that I had never told my sister or her friends at London escorts about the porn movies.

A couple of days later, I was working late to finish a marketing campaign for one of the movies. The sexy actor turned up in my office and asked me if I fancied a drink after work. I did not believe myself, but I actually told him that I fancied so much more than that. Before I knew it, I was on my back on my desk, and I could feel myself getting absolutely soaking. He had me right there and then, and I knew that I had to have him again sometime.

When I came home from work that evening, I just had to tell my sister about the experience.

She laughed and she said that she had heard from other girls at London escorts that stuff like that went on at porn movie companies. I suppose it may not seem so shocking to London escorts, but I could not get used to the feeling. Do I still work for the porn movie production company? You bet I do, and I am enjoying my office quickies more than ever. Who says that you cannot mix business with pleasure…

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