He just wanted to talk dirty all of the time…

When my boyfriend got this really good job abroad, I really thought that our relationship was going to last. We had been together for three years, and I thought that we had a gone thing going. I was totally behind my boyfriend, and I could see the sense in what he was doing. He wanted to work abroad so that he could get enough money together to pay off his mortgage in a couple of years time. I was going to continue to work for Mayfair escorts, and he would come home every couple of months.

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It all started with good intentions, but I soon started to miss him. We used to spend a lot of time together at weekends when I did not work for Mayfair escorts, and I felt that I did not have anybody to talk to. My boss at the escort agency suggested that I do some extra hours at the agency, but it was not really wanted to do. It is a rather intense job and you do need time to chill out when you work as an escort.

The first three months dragged by, and when my boyfriend came home for a two week break, I took the entire two weeks off from Mayfair escorts. I was hoping that we could have gone somewhere, but all my boyfriend wanted to do was to stay at home. As he was renting out his flat, he was staying with me and it felt like we did nothing at all apart from some serious binge watching on the Netflix. Yes, we did go out, but we seemed to be in this strange bubble of just us and it was not working.

The next time when he was duo to come home, he did not come back. He told me that he had been promised extra money to stay behind to finish a project, and had decided to take it. I felt like he did not really want to be with me at all, and our relationship was not such a priority anymore. Sure, I loved him, but like I said to the girls at Mayfair escorts, it was just like he wanted to talk dirty all of the time on Facetime and it is not working for me.

Since that time, he has only been home once. To my surprise he has extended his contract and is going to stay for another year. I was really angry with him as he only told me last minute after I had booked a holiday. The plan was to have a week’s holiday and after that, we would spend time as a couple back home. I had even taken the time off from Mayfair escorts and paid for the holiday. It ended our relationship, but he did not seem upset at all. I suspect he has a girlfriend out there in Australia, and has no plans of coming back to London at all. It is a bit like my heart has been broken even though I was the one who made the decision to end our relationship.

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