It is so hard to know what men are after these days

When my West Midland escorts career began about five years ago, it was easy to tell what gentlemen were looking for when it came to a relationship with their escort. That seem to have changed now, and it is harder to tell than ever before what gents are looking for when it comes to dating sexy West Midland Escorts. A few of the gentlemen I date on a regular basis don’t even seem to know.

One thing is for sure, we are busier here at West Midland escorts than ever before, and I date more senior gents than I did when I first started to work for the escort agency in West Midland. I am not saying that is a bad a thing, but I am not sure what they want any more. It seems to me that many gents who date escort these days are looking for some kind of arrangement. Instead of just taking you out on dates, they want a little bit more than that, and it can be hard to accommodate.

Recently I have been dating a lot of men who seem to want to come and see you a few times, and they want to change what I call the relationship status. Instead of just hooking up with you at West Midland escorts, they would like to come to some sort of arrangement. In other words, it is going to be all about hooking up with them when they want to have some fun, and they would especially like not to share you with too many other dates. Ideally, they would like to date you in private, and then meet you at the escort agency a couple of times per week to show you are dating on a professional basis.

This does not really work for most escorts. Perhaps it would work for some independent escorts, but I think that the majority of them would have a hard time to keep with the idea as well. Like I keep telling the girls at West Midland escorts, they seem you to want to be their escort one minute and the next minute they would like you to be their girlfriend. Dating escorts in London simply do not work like that.

Why is it happening? I know that there are more single gents in London than ever before but that is not the only answer. Women are keeping to themselves more and more, and many of them don’t date at all. It is not that dating is a thing of the past,  it is more like these ladies are happy in their own lives, and do not want to get involved with anybody. It could be one of the reasons gentlemen are calling West Midland escorts more frequently, but I can’t even be sure of that. Our lives have changed as much the weather, but the question is – have they heated up or cooled down? It is hard to tell as you never know what goes on behind closed doors in London.

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