Kent Escorts on Joint Interests

There are many things that are important in a relationship but perhaps one of the most important things is having a joint interest. When I first left Kent escorts in to get married to one of my former dates, I did not think reflect on that topic so much. We were just madly in love and we both knew that we wanted top be together. So we got married and the rest is history as they say. I must admit that I was just totally nuts for my new husband to be and did not think about a lot else.


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After we had been married for a couple of months, it seemed that we ran out of things to do. We had done about the house and stuff like that. My husband worked during the day and I was kind of beginning to miss my old friends at Kent escorts. He often went off and played golf with his friends but we did not really seem to have an interest in common and I have to say that it started to worry me. Even though we had just been together for a few months, we started to drift apart.

Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, my husband hurt his knee. He had to take some time work and could not play golf neither. I was still hanging out with my old friends at Kent escorts but I did start to spend a lot more with my husband as well. It was during this time we found two common interests. First of all, my husband had been told to get a bike to exercise. I have always loved biking so I ended up getting a bike as well. Before I knew it we were off mountain biking together and having a really great time.

When my husband had time off work, he decided to clean out his aquarium as well. During my time at Kent escorts, I used to have a small aquarium in my boudoir. I will admit that I have always liked fish and found it relaxing to look at a fish tank. We started to talk about it and soon found ourselves taking an interest in keep aquarium fish as well. That is how our second joint interest started and now we are keen fish keepers when we are not out mountain biking. It is just a really great hobby that we both like. Sometimes we watch the fish instead of the TV.

Things have certainly changed and I don’t miss Kent escorts that much any more. My husband and I spend a lot more time together and I we do have a lot of fun. Yes, he does still play golf but I am afraid that it is not a sport for me at all. It does nothing for me but I enjoy the social life at the golf club. I am sure that we will continue to have a lot of fun together. At the moment we are planning a mountain biking holiday in France and I am sure that we will have a really great time together.

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