Making love takes experience

My boyfriend and I only ever have quickies and to be honest, I don’t think that he is that sexually experienced. Some of the girls at London escorts agree with, and by the sounds of it, he has not had a lot of girlfriends. It is shame as otherwise he is a really nice guy, and I do fancy him. However, like I keep telling my friends at London escorts, I want to make love not just have quickie every night. It is not the same thing at all, and I am sure that most girls would feel the same way.

We have been together for about three months now, and ever since we started going out, things have been the same. Maybe he is just one of those guys who will always just be into quickies and in that case, he is not the man for me. The girls at London escorts laugh at me a little bit, and say that I have been patient enough. It is true but I am a patient person, and I am even patient with some of most annoying dates at London escorts. I keep wondering how I would feel if things were the other way around.

When I come home from London escorts these days, it feels like I never get the time to relax, he wants to come over straight away. he comes over, we end up in bed and then it is all over. Like I say to the girls back at London escorts, it is just so boring and I hate the fact that I can’t control him. Maybe things should be the other way around, and he should learn how to control himself instead. Getting that message across is easier said than done, and I am not sure it will ever work.

I just don’t know what to do. My London escort girlfriends keep telling me to ditch but I do like him. When we go out we have lots of fun. We have even tried to talk about it, and I suggested that he see a therapist. Needless to say he went nuts when I suggested that, and I did not feel that was right at all. That is when I got really upset, and I told my London escorts girlfriends that he did not seem to care about me at all. That is what it feels like anyway.

Honestly, I think that I will have to have to have a word with him this weekend. If things don’t work out, my friends at London escorts are standing by, and will let me have a good cry. You cannot keep going forever and I would like to a satisfying relationship with the man in my life. As it is I just end up feeling frustrated with him, and I hate that feeling. Maybe things will work out, and if they do that is great, but if they don’t, I am ready for the worst in my mind.

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