Married at a young age with a West Ham escort

Marriage is a sacrament that binds two people to be together for a long time. You do not know when you’ll get married, but it’s exciting and fun to face a new chapter of your life. Before you get married, you have to figure out first everything before you decide of it. If you thought this is one of the typical relationships then you probably mistaken it, marriage is more severe than the regular one, you have a responsibility now and mature enough to handle everything. Today, you are in a tighter commitment like you cannot be taken by anyone right away. You are now entitled to become a foundation of your home, which is brave and strong or become the light of it, to care and give positivity of the house. They say the right time to get married is twenty-five to thirty, because of this time you are matured and can handle big things now. At this age, you will not ask help to your parents and make your decision. But we cannot teach a heart that wants to settle down, some people married young and had a successful marriage. Some cases in life had to marry young and able to raise the family. You cannot judge the person able to have a family; every person has different paths and journeys so better support people who are eager to get married.


When I was a kid, I was grateful when I see my parents raise us complete and happy. We are a large number but my parents able to build us despite low income. According to them, one of the most important is family. The family will always be the one to help you in times of crisis. They say that when you already had a family, never abandoned they or else they will get revenge on you or plant a fit of anger to their hearts. My parents had supported me ever since they had given my needs and most importantly had sent me to school. Education is essential to have a good future, and many had advised me to finish the study. We live in West Ham for about eighteen years now; originally we came from Chicago and mom moved here after giving birth to me. I had known Charee, my classmate and she worked as a West Ham escort at to finance her needs and school. She is beautiful, and everyone gets attracted to her. Aside from that, she has a big heart and makes me fall in love with her.


I had pursued her for a couple of months; I had proved my love through efforts until she said yes to me. I feel the luckiest man; I became more inspired and motivated. She is the reason for my smile and dreams in life. I have planned to marry her after graduation.


Years passed, and we both graduated. I had to keep my promise and marry her at a young age.

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