My stand with Amateur sex workers


There is a lot of talk about amateur sex workers in the adult entertainment industry. In the last few years I have been working for Hungerford escorts services, and I honestly think that there is very little room for amateur sex workers. It wasn’t until I started to work for Hungerford escorts that I realized how important certain topics are when it comes to sex. Safety comes first but it can be difficult to make a lot of chaps appreciate that, and I am sure that it is one of those things amateur sex workers would not appreciate neither.

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Recently, Hungerford has been flooded with amateur sex workers. Many of them are girls from abroad who are more or less sex slaves. This really puts Hungerford escorts in a bad light. We are not sex workers as such, but we are aware that these girls are being used. You can see them standing on street corners at night, and that must be a frightening experience for many of them. The girls I am talking about are often under age, and there is no one there to protect them. Hungerford escorts bosses look after their staff, these girls are not looked after at all.

You do see a lot of amateur sex worker in online porn videos, and I think they just give the entire industry a bad name. I am just one of the many Hungerford escorts who are shocked by the use of teenage girls in porn movies. Most Hungerford escorts think that this kind of movies should be banned and taken off the Internet. The problem is that many of these sites do not have any clue about safe sex, so they just put anything up. I am sure that professional porn videos are made with a lot of safe sex issues in mind.

You have to be careful with so many things these days, and I read some real horror stories in the papers. Even girls who dance at strip clubs or lap dance clubs should learn to be careful. One of the first thing I was taught here at Hungerford escorts is to look out for sex offenders or predators. The boss who runs our Hungerford escorts agency is really strict about this and that helps to protect me. I often wonder if these girls are as well protected.

There was a lap dancer raped on her way home the other night. This would not have happened at Hungerford escorts services. If we leave late, we have been told to call a cab by our boss. He will not let us walk the streets at night at all. The boss of the lap dance club should have made sure that his dancer got home safely. After all, she helps him to earn money for his club. It made me realize how lucky I am.

It is sad with all of these amateur sex workers around Hungerford. They risk their own health, and many also risk their client’s health.

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