Running an escorts agency is not the easiest job in the world


I have been running Hackney escorts for the last two years, and there is an awful lot to this business. Before I owned my own escorts agency from, I used to own a string a pole dancing clubs across London. I sold those at an opportune time, and bought this escorts agency instead. I thought it was going to be very similar to running pole dancing clubs, but it is very different. Over the last two years I have had many challenges and I am sure that there is more to come.

The most difficult thing is to recruit escorts. It is really very hard to recruit escorts for Hackney escorts. At first, I thought it was going to be a bit like recruiting pole dancers, but it is a lot harder than that. In the pole dancing business, you get lots of girls wanting to me be poledancers. They know how to move and don’t mind showing off a little bit. There is a lot more to being an escort than frilly knickers and a cute bottom, and it took me some time to appreciate that.

In the end, I had to employ a madame to help run Hackney escorts. It cut into my profits a bit, but it has taught me a lot. There is so much more to running, an escorts agency and I am glad that I have madame Susanna. She has been able to help me recruit some very talented girls, and that has done wonders for the agency. Without her help I would probably gone out of business by now, and lost all of the money I had invested in the business. I am sure I did the right thing by employing her.

When you recruit girls for pole dancing clubs, you sort of give them a try first of all. You can’t really do the same thing with escorts, laughs Andy. I can’t really watch the activities that goes on behind closed doors at Hackney escorts, says Andy, I can only rely on feedback from the gents who date the girls. Madame Susanna also knew what to ask the girls, I did not know that at all. That was a huge problem, and I ended up with a lot of girls who had no real experience of dating.

Also a lot of escorts who work in Hackney, and the surrounding area, are foreign. That means they have different standards. Madame Susanna knew how to pick her way through all of that as well. It isn’t important to have a variety and a good selection of girls. Madame Susanna knew all of that but I had no previous experience. I wanted to have an agency with all English girls, but Susanna said a lot of gents like to date girls from different backgrounds. So, now Hackney escorts have got both madame and a girls from all over the world. Quite exciting really.

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