The Art Of The Quickie

The quickie has been given a bad reputation in the realm of sex. Long, extensive love making sessions are sensual and romantic, but not always feasible as we juggle tight schedules, obligations, and family. For sexually attracted adults’ quickies can and will keep the fire burning. Those entertaining the notion that quick sex is not romantic, exciting, or gratifying are simply doing it wrong. Mastering the art of the quickie will not only retain and strengthen adult sexual bonds; it is a satisfying and arousing “anytime” passionate release.

Plan it! Coordinate your lunch break, schedule a “meeting” during a slow part of the workday, or simply excuse yourself for a moment during a dinner gathering. Planning a quickie allows each of you to look forward to and fantasize about the experience. Both parties will arrive aroused from the buildup alone. All it takes to get started is one passionate kiss or nibble on the neckline. Hand to body contact can keep the connection meaningful. Bend your partner over the desk, bed, couch, or kitchen counter. If you continuously rub and massage erotic zones during penetration, mutual orgasms are all but guaranteed. Hands, lips, and fingers optimize the experience. The idea is based on a maximum effort for supreme results in minutes. The literal quickness of the quickie; the fast and furious thrusting and stirring anticipation are a hot, explosive combination.

Make it spontaneous! Show up unexpectedly when you know your lover is free, assign a code word for any time the feeling comes over you, or quietly look at each other, then slip out of the movie theater. Spontaneous or planned, the concept remains the same, quickie sex is a heated, stimulating, highly intense way to strengthen sexual bonds and achieve physical satisfaction.

For those who have never practiced quickie sex, I cannot stress enough how amazing and mood-altering these escapades can be. If your partner is hesitant, the stigma associated with the act easily is overcome with an open adult conversation. Reluctance is usually alleviated with a passionate description, which, by the way, will most likely lead down the pleasure path.

The experience is all your own, and the rules of engagement are few. The thought of risky sex may be arousing in fantasies, but in reality, risk should be eliminated. The location should be secure and private, and the act of sex itself should be performed with protection. Those aside, enjoy yourself! Get more at

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