The Mutton Club

I have been working for London escorts for some time, and the other day it hit me that men now prefer dating mature escorts. Are there trends in escorting? Of course, there are trends in escorting. A couple of years ago, gentlemen only wanted to date young escorts, but now, you will find more and more gents would like to date mature escorts in London. That gave me an idea, and I started to the Mutton Club.


The idea behind the Mutton Club is simple. London escorts can join the Mutton Club if they are over 30 years and had five years of experiencing of escorting in London. Not all experienced escorts in London would like to stay to become senior or mature escorts. Some girls who have done 10 years escorting in London would rather like to leave, and move on to do something else. It is a shame, because I think that dating mature escorts in London will be more and more popular.


Who dates mature London escorts? More senior gents certainly enjoy dating senior and mature escorts, but that is not the only range of gents who date mature escorts. Businessmen, both local and international, like to date mature ladies as well. They are not looking for escorts who are super sexy. Instead they are looking for escorts who can hold a conversation and keep their colleagues entertained. If you like they give their gents a much more sophisticated dating experience and I think that is ultimately why so many gents in London like to date mature London escorts. Yes it is fun to date young girls, but sometimes you want to get a little bit more out of your date than having fun.


You will also find that a lot of local gents like to date mature escorts in London. Many of the local gents I date on behalf of London escorts like to have a bit of a relationship with the girls, or girl, they date on a regular basis. Most local gents that I know like to date the same escort for a period of time, and may even carry on dating her for a couple of years. It makes a huge difference to date an escort on a regular basis, and I think that a lot of mature escorts can also relate to the gents they date.


A few years ago, you would never have come across anything like the Mutton Club with London escorts, but all of that has changed now. Men are not worried to talk about the fact they date mature escorts in London, and I think that has made the concept of the Mutton Club much more acceptable. Do I think that we will continue to see more mature escorts in London? I think that we will. It  is not because girls are joining the escort service in London later in life. It simply has to do with more experienced London escorts choosing to stay on, and make the most out of their experience.




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