What pets do ealing escorts keep

A lot of escorts around London, and up and down the country, are mad on keeping pets. Some of the girls keep some really strange and exotic pets but most of them keep quite normal pets. When I worked for http://charlotteaction.org/ealing-escorts Ealing escorts services I often wished I had time for a pet so when I left I got myself a little dog. It was one of those Battersea specials which looked really cute. Now, 14 years later he is still with me even though he is a bit old. But then again, my little dog is still excellent company for me when I work.

A couple of my Ealing escorts friends also keep pets. Anna is a passionate cat lover and she has one of the most stunning Egyptian May cats. It looks really exotic laid on the back of her sofa and it can be very protective as well. If it doesn’t like somebody it soon lets them know. I have never been on the receiving ends of one of its paw swipes but I know a few people that, and it was not a pleasant experience. Anna’s cat loves her as much she loves him, and meets her at the door when she comes home from work.

Tina from Ealing escorts services is a doggie girl. She has two really cute Yorkshire terriers. Like so many other Yorkie girls, she loves to dress up her dogs and she treats them both like little princesses. When she works, she leaves them with her mom who just lives a few doors down. She really looks after her two little dogs and I think they sometimes get more beauty treatments than she does. They are always very well turned out and wear the most expensive doggie clothing. Just right up Tina’s street.

Nikki is a mad girl who works for Ealing escorts services as well. She moved over to the UK from Poland a few years ago. Now, she lives with her boyfriend who runs a turtle and terrapin sanctuary. As a matter of fact, Nikki is just as mad on terrapins and turtles as he is and a lot of her hard earned money does go on the creatures. She doesn’t mind at all and they all seem to be her babies. They very seldom rehome their friends and they are just too crazy about them. Needless to say, their garden has been taken over by ponds.

It is interesting to note that so many Ealing escorts are keen pet keepers. I personally think that indicates that many of them are very caring people and like to look after somebody. Perhaps this is why they became escorts in the first place, they like to care. Is escorting a caring job. Quite often you have to look after some gents and the girls don’t seem to mind that at all. All of the escorts I know are excellent listeners and just love to be with people. Being a people person is a very important part of the job.

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