You can tell from the eyes

How do you know if a gent fancies you? Not all girls are good at reading signals when it comes to love. It is not always easy to know if a guy fancies you or not, and I don’t always find it easy myself. We all give of little signals all of the time, but it can still be hard to tell if a guy fancies you. It has taken me a couple of years of practice at Crystal Palace escorts, to know if a guys fancies me or not, but now I am finally getting rather good at it.

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Normally if a guy fancies you, he normally makes a lot of eye contact. Instead of staring at the rest of you, he looks directly into your eyes. When a guy starts doing that at Crystal Palace escorts, I know that he really fancies me, and has enjoyed spending time with me. It is important to make that connection. When I first started to date, I used to avoid eye contact, but now I am happy to look into someone’s eyes.

You can also tell from the smile. A wide grin may not be the right signal that you are looking for, but if a guy looks at you with a small smile, and then looks directly into your eyes as well, it normally means you have made some sort of connection. Tilt your head a little bit to one side to see if he copies your body language. If he does, it normally means that he likes you and would like to see you again. If the smile and that look in the eye is there directly on the next date, you know that you have a regular who will keep on coming back to you.

I do on another couple of things as well. When a gent turns up at your door with his tie half undone, it means that he is relaxed and comfortable in your company. It took me a little while to figure that out when I first started with Crystal Palace escorts, but men do signal a lot of emotions by the way they wear their ties. I am not sure if they are aware of that, instead I think it is something that they do subconsciously but women do have a tendency to pick up on the signals.

Another thing you want to look out for is the way he wears his suit jacket. If it is open and slightly falling to one side, it means he is relaxed. When he carries his suit jacket over one shoulder, it means he is trying to be a bit flash and wants to impress you. It is amazing what you can pick up when you look at a gent’s body language. But then again, I am sure the girls here at Crystal Palace escorts, give off a lot of signals as well. When I think about my own body language, I know I do transmit a lot of signals without knowing that I am doing so.

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